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In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment is the visual inspection and testing of electrical equipment that is often called Portable Appliance Testing, or P-A-T for short.


Portable appliance testing (PAT) is the term used to describe the examination of electrical appliances and equipment to ensure they are safe to use. Most electrical safety defects can be found by visual examination but some types of defect can only be found by testing.


AB Training (Cymru) provide a service to check and test Class I, II and III electrical equipment, by a suitably trained and competent person.


Please note: Portable Appliance Testing is not a legal requirement. However, The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 require that any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition.


Insurance companies often require evidence of an electrical safety checking regime.





Our Services

We offer P-A-T testing as a separate service, or as an add-on to our training (most suited to half-day courses, due to time constraints). We will also arrange "PAT test Open Days", where people can book a one-hour slot and have upto 10 items tested for £20 (please check our 'Welcome' page for Upcoming Dates, or email us to register your interest with your preferred dates and location.


P-A-T as a separate service

We charge a minimum of £50, which includes the first 50 items free. Additional items charged at £1 each (see below for further details).


Please note: an item is 1 x power lead, or the appliance it is attached to. So, a standard computer would typically be 4 items - 1 x monitor, 1 x monitor power lead, 1 x processor unit, and 1 x processor power lead.


It is calculated this way as power leads and appliances are tested separately.


P-A-T as an add-on service

As above, except there is no minimum charge. However, please note that only small numbers of items can be tested if added to a full-day course due to the time required.






What we can do

  • We can test Class I, II and III portable and moveable electrical appliances. This includes IT equipment such as computers and laptops, and common appliances such as kettles, table lamps, microwave ovens etc.
  • We cannot test fixed appliances, including appliances wired to a spur, or carry out electrical repairs or installations


What we will do

  • A full visual check of Class I, II and III appliances, this includes: the plug, cable and the appliance casing
  • Earth Continuity and Insulation Resistence tests on Class I appliances; Insulation Resistence test on Class II electrical appliances, Earth Continuity, Insulation Resistence and Polarity tests on Extension Cables. (Class III electrical appliances only receive a visual check, although the power lead to the transformer will receive the appropriate test.)
  • Pass/Fail labelling; full report of results
  • We an also test 110v appliances such as some power tools, and 110v extension leads
  • We can also carry out non-mandatory tests, such as Leakage and Load on request (please contact us before ordering if you require this service)


What we charge

  • Minimum charge of £50, this includes the first 40 items free. Subsequent items are charges at £1 each. There is no Minimum charge for the 'Add-on' service to courses, or for Open Day sessions.
  • 1 item is: 1 x power lead, or 1 x appliance, or 1 x extension lead. This is because power leads are tested separately to the appliance they power. A typical computer would be 4 items (1 x computer, 1 x computer power lead, 1 x monitor, and 1x monitor power lead).
  • Any new plugs required will be fitted and charged at £1 each
  • Any fuses required will be provided free of charge
  • Replacement IEC leads can be provided at £2 each, if required


Please note

  • A P-A-T 'Pass' does not indicate that an appliance works correctly, it only indicates that the appliance/cable passed its inspection on the date that it was tested



Special Offer!


Book on a course with us, and you can have up to 10 items PAT tested for free!


Subject to availability and time available! - Please enquire at time of booking.







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